Class Jazz Piano II (MUSC 2263)

Advanced instruction in progressions and strategies in Jazz piano for the non-piano major. This skills course in jazz piano musicianship is equivalent to the level necessary to meet the jazz piano proficiency requirement for the Music Diploma for the following majors: Jazz/Contemporary Voice, Contemporary Instrumental Studies (except Piano), and Composition/Arranging. Note that Contemporary Instrumental Studies (Piano) majors have met the diploma requirement for jazz-piano proficiency by their successful audition and acceptance into the program.

* Note: The CRNs listed below could be restricted to specific program areas.

CRN Fee Campus - Room Day(s) Time Date Instructor
BWY-A  - Rm. 2007
TRM-Monday, T-Tuesday,
W-Wednesday, R-Thursday,
F-Friday, S-Saturday,

1000 - 1059
to 19-Apr-2018
Minemoto, Sharon

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