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Inspiring students: Q&A with Polina Skvortsova

Posted on August 11, 2016

news_inside_Polina_Skvortsova_TESOLAfter teaching herself English at a young age and completing her degree at UBC, Russian born, Polina Skvortsova was looking for a rewarding career.

After researching her options, Polina decided that VCC’s ‌‌ program was the perfect fit.  Now, armed with a diploma and a job, Polina shares her VCC experience.  ‌

Why did you choose to pursue in a career teaching English to speakers of other languages?  ‌

I decided to get into teaching because I craved a rewarding and creative career. I also needed a stable income and a possibility for professional growth. Teaching English is challenging, but it is the best job I’ve ever had.

Why VCC?

There are a plethora of schools out there that offer TESOL related training.  After doing some research, I realized that VCC was the best choice because it’s a public institution and it’s accredited by TESL Canada.

What would you say are the top reasons to choose the TESOL program at VCC?

VCC offers a solid base for a successful teacher’s career. The program is well established and is recognized worldwide.

What skills did you acquire at VCC that most help in your career?

I loved the communicative aspect of instruction; it helped me to feel relaxed in the classroom. Later, I could use this skill when teaching.

What did you do after graduating from the TESOL program at VCC?

I started teaching in a private school right after completing my practicum. Currently, I work with one of BC’s Immigrant Serving Societies.

What are your long-term goals for the future?

My long-term goal is to become the kind of a teacher who truly inspires students to learn.


Are you interested in teaching English locally or abroad? VCC offers professional level certification that is recognized by TESL Canada.