Assessment Centre


A keyboarding assessment may be required for entry into some VCC programs.

The keyboarding assessment consists of 6 five-minute timings done on a desktop computer using the Cortez- Peters keyboarding program. This program does not allow the use of the backspace key. 

For VCC programs, you will only be allowed 5 errors or less in a 5 minute timing, using the touch-typing method (using the appropriate fingers for each key on the keyboard).

Keyboarding requirements for the following VCC programs:

Please note that no more than 5 errors are permitted as part of the entry requirements for VCC programs.

The Keyboarding Assessment schedule is available on our schedules page.

Note: We currently only offer keyboarding assessments for VCC programs.

To request an assessment for a VCC course or program, you need the following 3 pieces of information:

  •  The name of the VCC course or program you want to get into
  •  The name of the VCC assessment you need to take
  •  A VCC ID number (usually 9 digits and begins with '000')

If you do not have these 3 pieces of information, please speak with one of the following advisors:

*It is the student's responsibility to confirm and request the correct assessment for their chosen program/course.  Please consult with a VCC advisor for details.

There are several ways you can request an appointment for the VCC Keyboarding assessment:

The assessment fee must be paid to finalize an appointment. We will call you to make payment with a credit card over the phone.  For security reasons, please do not share credit card information in an email or voice mail.


This assessment may be retaken without a waiting period.

Picture identification is needed to enter the assessment room (ie: valid passport, driver's license, PR card, BCID, etc.).

Note: the keyboarding assessment schedule posted on the web is subject to change. 



Assessment fees are non-refundable.

The cost for a keyboarding assessment is $30.00, payable.  Payment must be made to secure your appointment.  

Payment can be made in person by cash, debit or credit card, or over the phone with a credit card. 604.871.7093, option 6. For security purposes, please do not share credit card information in an email or voice mail.

To reschedule your keyboard assessment appointment, we require 24 hours notice to avoid a $15 rescheduling fee.

Assessment results are confidential and valid for one calendar year.

This assessment may be retaken without a waiting period.

An assessment fee applies each time you do the keyboarding assessment.

Duplicate results lettters can be generated at an additional fee. Contact us for more information.